Saturday, September 17, 2011

Creator or the creation

what mostly is observed is the hankering after the three perishable aspects of this materialistic world such as Man, Money, and Material. People are blindly chasing these three irrespective of not knowing them carefully. It is alright  that we require these three to maintain our day to day life but in what magnitude. This is a question mark. Do we cut our clothes according to our coat? We do not. We often collect more than we need. This results into a colossal accumulation of waste. This is very natural to us because human being is selfish by nature and loves the creation more than the creator. Can one imagine how much valuable time we waste in it? No one can guess and perhaps we loose our whole life in it. Eventually we leave all on the drop of a hat when we kick the bucket. Don’t we? What do we gain at the end of the day? Nothing! In other words our materialistic accumulation and our total span of life become a waste only . Instead if we really love the creator we would not require anything else because we know the one who is capable of giving us every thing is with us now. I do not mean that one must renounce the world but he must discharge his duty towards responsibility and spirituality. The creator of this creation is not far away if creator’s grace is bestowed on you. The creator as is said is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.“ Lord accepts none but those who love him.” The door will open when you knock at it. The creator is the most significant because he creates the creation. He is the father of all and everything. So let us not waste our valuable time collecting dross and let us focus our attention on the right focal point of our life.

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